Our Company

6999 was a new brand name to focus on direct factory printing price which under our parent printing company Print Arena Pte Ltd and has been in the printing industry for over 25 years.

Being one of the leading and longest standing printing company in Singapore, we have been serving and embracing clients from many different industries and have repeatedly innovated and improved our services in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the new Internet era. Online Flyer Printing ordering and next day collection for urgent requests from our clients suggest that we have to innovate our workflow, speed, and pricing to be affordable for the retail and corporate markets.

At 6999, it is our mission to provide entrepreneurs with affordable, fast turnaround flyers that they need in order for their businesses to grow and prosper. Our economy depends on thriving marketplaces that offer products and services we all depend on. We bring your products and services to those marketplaces to help your business and our economy thrive. And in a thriving economy we all embrace a better quality of life. So if you’re looking for quality flyer printing services Singapore, you’ve come to the right place!